Las Vegas Style Tailgating

The season has come; football, tailgates and beautiful weather.

We’re getting our coolers ready, our team paraphernalia washed and ready and gathering up our friends.

We all love the tailgating season, but after a while it can start to repetitive and the same routines can get boring.

Or maybe your team isn’t doing well and your football superstitions are telling you to change up your pregame ritual.

Whatever your reason is, consider having a themed tailgate to start your game day off on the right foot.

Having a Las Vegas themed tailgate is a great way to learn more about casino games, all while getting ready for your favorite team’s football game.

You will get one of our staff members to run the tables for you and help you with blackjack, craps or roulette or if you’d prefer to have just the equipment without the dealer, we can accommodate you.

Along with the usual casino games, you can rent a photo booth to capture the fun of your tailgate and entertain your friends. Hats and props can be provided as well. We will also make sure that you have copies of all the pictures at the end of the event.

Pensacola Casino Parties provides casino game rentals that are fun for any size group or event.

Our staff will ensure every game is run smoothly and is fun for the whole table.

We Will Provide You With The Highest Level of Service GUARANTEED!

We Will Even Price Match! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

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